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Nutritional Consultations

About: Emily Zwilling, is a Certified Nutrition Advisor through Eat to Perform Nutrition and a Certified Health Coach through Precision Nutrition. She does not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to nutrition.

“Every person should have an individualized program. Genetics, environmental factors, activity level and body type all come into play when designing a program.”

Initial Consultation: During your one-on-one consultation, she will assess your limiting factors and develop a program specifically for you and your specific goals. This program allows you the opportunity to become informed by her realistic approach to overall health and fitness. This is accomplished by individualized goal setting and habit tracking.

You will receive:

Goal Assessment

Body Type Evaluation

Complete Macro Breakdown

Pre/Post Workout Nutrition

Nutrition Habit Tracker

Supplementation Recommendation


Initial Consultation Fee-$100

Suggested Bi-monthly check-ins-$50

Contact Emily Zwilling, directly to book an appointment at 314-322-2330 or via email emily@ez-wellness.com

DISCLAIMER: Emily Zwilling, is not a registered dietician or a licensed medical doctor. She does not make medical diagnoses or treat specific diseases.






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