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Byron Beiermann

CrossFit Gymnastics Coach

Hi, CrossFit South City members!
My name is Byron, I’m almost 31 years young and I’ve been coaching CrossFit/CrossFit Gymnastics for around 4 years. Once a CrossFit Affiliate owner as well! Since taking the CrossFit Gymnastics Certification course I fell in love with the Olympic Gymnast perspective and how it applies to CrossFit. Other relevant study includes the Carl Paoli FreeStyle Seminar and many Power Monkey Fitness(Dave Durante) Advanced Training Blocks.

Hobbies outside of CrossFit(is that such a thing?) include Snowboarding, Listening to tons of podcasts/books, and waiting on Westworld to return to TV.

I look forward to spreading the amazing-ness that is CrossFit Gymnastics with you all.

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