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Michael Wittmer-Olympic Lifting Coach

Michael Wittman’s impressive resume includes:

Competing from 1974 to 1989

Best lifts of 150/185 in 110kg class

1980 Olympic Trials participant

Highest place at National Championships – 4th, American Open – 2nd.

First person in Missouri to snatch over 300lbs and C&J over 400lbs (Jeff is the only one to do that while still in high school).

USAW Board of Directors 2009-2012

National Referee

USAW’s Level 1 coaching course

Coached numerous lifters at National Championships and Junior World and PanAm Championships

Including son, Jeff, 8x national champion, Junior World, Senior World, PanAm Championships and PanAm Games team member.

Picture is from 1980 and is the first time Michael C&J’d over 400lbs, Jeff his son is 429lbs from the 2008 Trials.

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