2015 CFSC Nutritional Challenge

CrossFit South City is excited to announce it’s second annual Fitness and Nutrition Challenge. Our goal for this challenge has not changed from last year. Here are three things that this challenge is NOT: 1) This is not a weight loss challenge. Weight loss goals are most often unhealthy goals because it’s done for all the wrong reasons. Let your body tell you how you feel, not a scale. Although weight loss may occur it is not the main objective here. 2) This is not “The Whole 30.” Furthermore, this year we will be allowing some foods that aren’t even considered “Paleo.” As much as we believe in the Paleo diet (in this case diet refers to a particular way of eating, not a weight loss program) we understand it isn’t for everyone. We also realize that just because it’s not Paleo doesn’t mean it’s bad for you. We probably just increased our participation by 50% with that statement!! 3) Once again, this is not a New Year’s Resolution. We are trying to develop good habits and a lifestyle that will last a lifetime. We want you to quietly set a good example for friends and family.
Obviously, if you are reading this, nutrition and an active lifestyle are already a priority, or you are going to make them a priority. Exercise and awareness of the foods that you put in your body contribute in a major way to your quality of life. According to the CrossFit Trainer’s Manual, “exercise is a major contributing factor in mitigating depression and aging.” And we believe this. A healthy diet and regular exercise will make you more confident and more productive in all aspects of life outside of the gym and will keep you young longer. Isn’t that the whole point of working out to begin with????
The focus of this challenge is obviously on nutrition and working out, but we really want to stress the commitment to both. Last year we focused on improvement of your strength along with your endurance. This year we are shifting the priority a bit. Instead of placing emphasis on your 1RM, we want to place importance on HOW MANY DAYS A WEEK YOU WORK OUT. Oh,you can’t make it to the gym today? Not a problem. That doesn’t mean you can’t go for a run before or after work. It doesn’t mean you can’t do burpees for time in your bedroom or living room. You’re stuck in a hotel room traveling for work? We have an entire list of workouts that can be done in a hotel room. You have children and don’t have time to work out? Get out of bed 15 minutes earlier. The point is, you can always find an excuse to NOT work out. Stop making excuses! Get moving and take control of your life and your health.
For some people the working out part is easy. But what about the diet? The commitment to eating well, and eating well on a regular basis, is significantly harder than working out. It’s easier to order a pizza (mmmm, pizza) or go out to eat than it is to plan ahead and cook healthy, nourishing meals. Everyone has room for improvement with their diet. So here’s your chance.
So let’s get to the details of this challenge. Nutrition and working out are the majority of this challenge. Nutrition will account for 50% of this challenge. Working out consistently will account for 25% of this challenge, and improvement in performance will account for 25% of this challenge. Notice the theme here- nutrition and working out on a regular basis could win this whole thing. #whatsreallyimportant.
This challenge will last 60 days- 2/1/15 through 4/1/15. There will be no measuring body weight, waist lines, or body fat percentages. That is not what this challenge is about. We will account for diet, exercise, and performance. The only things that really matter in your quest to better health! If you take care of those three things all of your goals can and will be achieved. Points will be tracked and submitted on a weekly basis. Lastly, there will be a $10 buy in. Same as last year. If you feel like you’re losing interest maybe a monetary prize will help you to stay motivated. Last year’s pot was $500!!
Download the PDF below for all the details. We will also have copies at the gym.
Nutrition Challenge 2015

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