60 Day Nutrition Challenge

It’s that time of year again! Time for a 60 day nutrition challenge. We are doing things a little different this time. Laura Dobelman, Owner of Get Tanked, Mobile Body Fat testing will be at the gym on September 9th from 3pm to 8pm with the dunk tank to measure body fat percentage. You must sign up in the BoxHQ to secure your time slot. The cost is $55, be sure to wear your swimsuit or swim trunks. From there, you are on your own….sort of. There are no rules or regulations on the meal plan you choose this time. Here are some resources you may consider.

Kate Rose is a Nutritional Therapist Consultant certified through The Nutritional Therapy Association.


Scott McKinney, Owner of the Proper Pantry can help you eat properly through portion size and fresh ingredients. You can still enjoy eating the things you love, while at the same time seeing the results from your training and hard work in the gym. https://squareup.com/market/theproperpantry

After the 60 days, Laura Dobelman will return to measure your body fat again. The date is Sunday, November 8th from 10-2pm, the retesting fee is $35. The person with the highest percentage of fat lost wins!! It’s that simple. See you at the gym!

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