Annual CFSC Christmas Competition

The CFSC Christmas Competition is an annual event that puts the members head to head against each other in teams of 2. This year will be co-ed teams consisting of 1 male and 1 female. There will be an Rx and scaled division. This event is held for existing members of CFSC.
Registration: $70.00
Registration deadline: November 25th
Competition Date: December 14th
Sign-up here.
If you need help finding a partner, please email us:
RX (M/F)
Deadlift: 185/135
Front Squat: 115/75
Back Squat: 115/75
Power Clean: 95/65
Squat Clean: 135/95
Snatch (power or squat): 115/75
DB Snatch: 50/35
DB Thruster: 40/25
S2OH: 115/75
Wall Balls: 20/14
Box Jumps: 24/20
KB Swings or Snatches: 53/35
Scaled: M/F
HSPU – Kipping
Double Unders

Scaled: M/F
Deadlift: 135/95
Front Squat: 75/55
Back Squat: 75/55
Cleans: 65/45
Power Snatch: 55/35
DB Snatch: 25/15
No DB Thruster
S2OH: 65/45
Wall Balls: 14/10
Box Step Ups: 24/20
KB Swings or Snatches: 35/20
Jumping Pull-ups
AB Mat Situps
Seated DB Press 25/15

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