CFSC Health & Wellness Challenge

CFSC Health & Wellness Six Week Challenge
In holistic medicine, we view the body as a whole. There are two types of food: Primary and Secondary Foods. A few examples of Primary Foods would be:
Emotional well-being
Social well-being
Physical well-being
Financial Well-being
Secondary foods are considered diet and exercise. When it comes to seeing better results and feeling at your best mentally and physically, it all comes down to your daily healthy habits and implementing them as you see fit. Because of this, we don’t want this challenge to focus on weight loss purely. We intend to provide information on how to get well in all areas of your life, give you support, and teach you how to make lifestyle changes.
In the book “Changing to Thrive,” Researchers did a study in Appalachia, one of the highest risk and most disadvantaged regions in the United States; they asked 300 people this question: “Why do most people fail when they attempt to change?” Here is how they answered:

  1. No motivation.
  2. Not enough willpower.
  3. Poor genes.
  4. Not the right personality.
  5. Not enough confidence.

The research has shown that all these answers were wrong, that the number one reason is, “Most people don’t know how to change.”
For this particular challenge, we will have two categories for winners: Most body fat lost, and most points. There will be nine categories for you to earn points in. We will provide you with an excel sheet that adds up the totals for you, and you will need to put in your points for the categories you accomplished for that day. Every Sunday by 9 pm, please send your updated spreadsheet to Categories to gain points in are as followed:
1.) No Alcohol =2 Points.
2.) Drink half your body weight in ounces of water. =1 Point.
*If you are considered overweight, drink half your lean muscle mass in ounces.
3.) No Refined Sugar.
*Examples: high-fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, fructose syrup, saccharin. =1 Point.
4.) Exercise for a minimum of thirty minutes daily. =2 Points.
*This also includes active rest days and activities such as mobility work, stretching, or any other non-strenuous activities.
5.) One home-cooked meal. =1 Point for every home-cooked meal daily.
*So, if you have three home-cooked meals throughout your day, you would receive three points.
6.) Minimum of seven hours of sleep. =1 Point.
7.) Four Cups of veggies. =1 Point.
8.) 1 Cup of fruit. =1 Point.
9.) Hit your personal protein goal. =1 Point.
*Consume .8-1.0g of protein per pound of body weight.
*If you are overweight, use your lean muscle mass as a starting number or your goal weight.
The challenge is as follows:
6-Week Challenge-Most bodyfat % lost & most points completed! There will be a 1st and 2nd place winner for each category. Prizes will be announced halfway through the challenge! The excel sheets to keep track of points will only be sent to members who sign up for the Challenge.
Challenge Start date: Monday, January 4th.
The fee is $50, this includes:
-Body scan at the gym: Weight, lean muscle mass, fat mass, full-body measurements.
-Weekly Health and Wellness Guides emailed straight to participants every Monday.
-Two Zoom Seminars. TBA
 Body Scans: Sign-up through Triib.
Friday, January 1st, from 10 am-12 pm.
Sunday, January 3rd, 10 am- 12 pm.
Scan Info for new members:
Scans take about 10-15 minutes to process; the less you wear, the more accurate the scan will be. No hair ties, glasses, or jewelry can be worn while on the scanner.
End scan: February 15th TBA
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