Friday, April 17th

Quadruped Hydrants (split reps per leg)
High Knees
Single Arm DB or KB Floor press (split reps per side)
Hollow Hold (:30/:20/:10)
For Time: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3
Push up + Renegade Row (DBs)
Floor Press (DBs)
Squats (DBs)
Anchored Sit Ups
*barbell- do # of barbell push ups then # of bent over rows.
Floor press can be done with barbell, front squats w/ barbell, and AbMat sit-ups.
No equipment- push up w/ rotation (10 reps so 5 to one side, 5 to other) (can be done from knees)
Floor press-Plank up and downs, Air Squats, and AbMat sit-ups.

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