Friday, April 6th

Warm-up/3 RDS
10 Du’s
10 Reverse Flys
8 Superman
Deficit Deadlifts
7×4 @65-70%
Team WOD: “Don’t Drop the KB” 2 person team
80 Push Ups ( Partner holds both KB while other partner push ups, don’t let KB hit the ground when handing off)
60 Box Jumps (Partner holds both KB)
40 Goblet Squats (In Unison)(don’t let KB hit ground when handing KB off)
30 Walking Lunges (Both KBs in front rack position)
20 KB Swings (In Unison)
100m Farmers Carry (carry both KBs) (split length however you want)
*5 burpee penalty if KBs hit the ground at all during workout (20Min Cap)

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