Friday July 23rd

Gym Updates:
✨Friday, July 30th-CrossFit Games Watch will be at the gym starting at 6:30 pm.
✨Sunday, August 1st-Optional: Jake’s Diaper WOD during Open Gym at 11 am. Then, CrossFit Games Watch & BBQ at the gym at 12 pm.
✨Be sure to register for your t-shirt for our annual bar crawl by this Sunday, July 25th. Registration sheet is on the fridge at the gym. Our Annual CFSC Bar Crawl will be on Saturday, August 21st at 1 pm, we will start at the gym!
Jumping Spider Lunges
Downdog w/ alternating toe reach
Toe Grab Squats
Glute Hip Bridges
3×12 Back Squats @ 60-65%
* 1 set @ 60%, 1 set @ 62.5%, 1 set @ 65%
Rest 2 mins between sets
* 25 mins take the first 7-10 mins to warm up to weight
Every 2 mins for 10 mins :
6 Push Press (115/75)
8 Front Rack Alternating Lunges (115/75)
10 Burpees
* score is time it took for fastest round
*scale weight to be able to go from push press right into lunges and burpees so that you are getting everything done with :45 to rest

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