Friday, June 12th

Toe Taps to object
Lateral lunges (split reps per leg)
Arm Circles (split reps forward/backward)
:30/:20/:10 Superman hold
3xs Superset: Rest :30 between exercises
8 each leg Lateral Box Step Up (weighted or unweighted)
10 each leg Side Plank with Abduction
3xs Superset:
8 each leg Bulgarian Split Squat (weighted or unweighted)
20 Frog Glute-Hip Bridges
For Time: 15-12-9
Double DB Hang Snatch
Double DB Hang Squat Clean
Every Minute on Minute: 4 Burpees over DB starting at 0:00 mark.
*No DBs can use barbell
*No equipment- pike push up ( Hang snatch), Jumping lunge + squat (jumping lunge left, then right, then jump squat).

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