Friday June 18th

Downdog w/Alternating toe reach
Banded Lat Pulldown (light band off rig)
:20/:16/:10 Hollow Flutterkicks
Every 3 mins for 15 mins:
4 Deadlifts
10 Pull ups (strict, banded, or weighted)
* deadlift weight should be heavy, something you could get 6-7 reps of but not too many more or less to be consistent for all 5 sets
* give 10 mins to warm up to deadlift weight
*25 mins
For Time:
Buy In: 150 DU’s/300 Singles
4 Rounds:
20 Air Squats
10 Burpee Box Jump Over (30/24)
Buy Out: 150 DU’s/300 Singles
*16 min cap
* Be smart with the box jump height, high heart rate and leg fatigue will
be a factor for the jump

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