Friday, March 16th

Jump Squats
Banded Pull to Face
Lateral Lunges
Back Squats
*Determine weight for first set then add for each after.
Team WOD: Teams of 2:
4 Rds For Time: *20 min cap
200ft Farmer Carry (53/35)/ 30 Wall Balls
30 Pull-ups
30 Burpees
* P1 Does Farmers Carry while P2 must complete 30 Wall Balls.
Burpees are alternating back and forth between the each partner and Pull Ups are however you and your partner want to break it up.
Partner who Farmer Carried first round will switch and do Wall Balls the 2nd round while the other partner does the Farmer Carry and switch the next round and the one after again.
*200ft Farmer Carry is down and back the gym length 2xs.

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