Friday November 18th

Congrats to Joe Murphy, on his 65lb PR last night! Joe, joined our gym in late September, with eagerness to learn more and be an overall fit person. He’s made some pretty quick strength gains with determination and consistency.

I always tell people something is better than nothing. But when it all boils down to it, working out one or two days a week generally doesn’t cut it. Joe, is typically coming in 4-5x a week and the results are showing.
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Warm-up 3×10
RDLw/ bar
Back Squat w/bar
Dislocates w/ PVC
Deadlift 5×5 @65%
Squat 1×8 @50%
*Pick one squat to focus on for the next few months
Metcon/Teams of 2
“Double Jackie”
2,000M Row
100 Thrusters 45/35
60 Pull-ups

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