Saturday May 15th

400m Run
15 Toe Grab Squats
15 Adductor Rock Backs (each side)
15 Glute Hip Bridges
Hero WOD “Simon” For Time w/ a Partner
100 Push Ups to Box Step ups (24/20) / DB Goblet Squat Hold (50/35)
200 Ring Rows / OH Plate Hold (45/25)
44 Synchronized Plate G2OH (45/25)
2,021m Row/ 122 Cals on Bike
44 Synchronized Plate G2OH
200 Ring Rows/ OH Plate Hold
100 Push Ups to Box Step Ups/ DB goblet Squat Hold
* can split however but both partners must be doing the movement and the hold at the same time and switch as they see fit
* 35 min cap

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