Monday, April 24th

Huge Congrats to Coach Jim Zwilling, and the St. Louis SWAT Team who placed 1st this weekend at the SEMO SWAT Challenge. These men trained extremely hard and won an entry to the National SWAT Competition in the fall. Way to go SLMPD!
Warm-up/3 Rounds
10 Pulls on Rower
10 Push-ups
10 Good-Mornings
10 Hollow Rocks
Strict Press 3×8-10
Bent-over Rows 3×10
*Rest 3Min between sets
WOD-Three 5min Rounds for Reps
0:00-2:00 200M Run then ME Du’s or Singles
2:00-3:00 DB/KB Push Jerks 35/20
3:00-4:00 Pull-ups
4:00-5:00 DB Squat Clean 35/20

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