Monday, February 24th

NEW STRENGTH CYCLE: Monday/Wednesday/Friday
On these days, we encourage you to come in a few minutes before class if you require longer mobility. The strength portion will take the majority of the time on these days, followed by a short WOD. We will do it for 6 weeks with a deload week on the 7th week. We will then repeat the 6 week cycle again with the intention to start a little heavier than you did the first time you did the 5×5. The jump on Bench or Strict Press each time you see the program will be less than jumps on Deadlifts and Back Squats. It is necessary that you LOG YOUR LIFTS.
250M Row
Strength Week #1
5×5 Program Start: Program A
5×5 Bent Over Row
5×5 Bench Press (Neutral Grip)
5×5 Back Squat
* Week 1- start around 50% of 1RM
5 min AMRAP:
10 Power Snatch (75/55)
25 DU’s/ 50 Singles

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