Monday, January 6th

Tabata Warm-up
Jumping Jacks
Ring Rows
DB Push Press
Superman Hold
3 Rounds of Superset:
6-8 Strict Chin Ups
8-12 Supine Bar Row
20 Banded Tall Kneeling Pulldown
Rest 1 min between sets
3 Sets of 21s (Palms up)
7 Bottom Up Half Curls (light dbs)
7 Top Down Half Curls
7 Bicep curls
Rest 1 min between sets
15 min EMOM:
Min 1: 12/10 Cals on Rower
Min 2: 15 Pull-Ups
Min 3: 6 Push Jerk (AHAP)
*score is the weight used for PJ

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