Monday, July 1st

Important CFSC Info:
*CrossFit South City Bar Crawl 2019 shirts available for preorder. Sign up sheet is at the gym on the refrigerator.
*Our 4th of July hours will be Open Gym from 9-11 am.
Tabata Warm-up
Jumping Jacks
Scapular Push-ups
Glute-Hip Bridges
HS Hold
4 Rounds of superset:
10-12 Deficit Push Ups (can make the deficit
10-12 Seated Reverse DB Flys
10-12 Single Arm DB Row (left and right)
30 Banded Pull Aparts (light bands)
Rest 2Min
10 RFT
7 Pull Ups
7 DB Push Jerks (50/35)
7 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
(16Min Cap)

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