Monday, March 30th

Gym Updates:

Thank you so much for being so supportive and patient during these hard times. Our first week on Zoom went well. Although, it might not be ideal, it is a way to stay engaged and active. If you are having any issues with Zoom, please let us know, we are here to help.
-We took a poll on Facebook and IG, you asked and we listened! We will be adding a 6 am class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and will be removing the 7 am class.
-Brandon will be continuing the running club on Sundays (weather dependent), be sure to sign-up on Triib.
-Monday, March 30th, Jen Miller will be going LIVE on IG at 7 pm. This will be the perfect time to “Ask the PT!”
Tabata Warm-up
Jumping Jacks
Incline Push-up
Toe Grab Squats
28-24-20-16-12 HRPU
12-12-12-12-12 Power Cleans (115/75) DB (50/35) *can be hang or from ground.
10-12-16-18-20 Front Rack Lunges (115/75) DB (50/35) *DB held in front Rack position on shoulders not resting on top of shoulders
*if no weights for Power Cleans or Lunges can use a medball to power clean and hug into core while lunging.
*if bodyweight do No Push Up Burpee for Power Clean and bodyweight lunges for weighted lunges

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