Monday November 10th

Monday 141110
Did everyone have fun with our last couple weeks of CrossFit Mainsite WODs? If you’re as beat up as I am, you realize that you’ve done some serious work the last couple weeks. We hope this series of WODs has highlighted some weaknesses as well as strengths. We love seeing our goal board filling up like it has. Every time you walk in those doors, look at that board. Keep working until you reach that goal, whatever it is. And when you accomplish that goal, put a new one up. And remember, we can always get better. CrossFit should never, ever get easier. If it does get easy, you’re not working hard enough.
Warm Up 
10 Leg Swings Forward/Backward, Side to Side
10 Lunges
10 Air Squats
Then 3×5
Romanian Dead Lift
Strict Press
Then 3 Minutes of Double Under Practice
5 Minutes Mobility
Rope Climbs

6 Rounds
2 Minutes to Complete
200 Meter Sprint
5 Dead Lifts 300/215
Max Effort Sit Ups
Rest 1 Minute
*Score is Number of Sit Ups

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