Monday November 14th

The Olympic Skills class was a huge success this Sunday, thank you to all who came. I’m pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say I can’t wait for the next class. Onto the next strength program at CFSC:

Starting this week on the lighter upper body and lower body days you will find a 1×8 set after the main strength portion of the programming. That is up to the athlete on upper body days what you would like to improve on in terms of a press and on lower body days in terms of squat.
So it goes like this…say I chose to pick a Push Press for my S2OH movement to work on. Week 1 at that 1×8 I would start at 50% of my current Push Press(if you don’t have a current 1 RM then start light). Just one set of 8 reps and you are done. The next week we would put #5 more on from the last week and every week after that until you fail your set of 8 reps at that same S2OH movement. We will then test to see if your strength improved in that lift. That being said, if you don’t currently know your 1RM make it a point to use open gym this week to find your new 1 rep.
On lower body days with that 1×8 you will chose to work on your front ,back squat, or OHS start at 50% and go up by 10# every week until you fail  your set of 8 reps and retest your  movement that week or depending on how it falls in the week the next week in open gym. When the athlete has retested, take a week off from the 1×8 then pick another S2OH and squat to start doing the cycle with starting over at 50% of your 1RM for that lift. With that being said the athletes should be keeping track of these numbers otherwise you may not get out of it what you should. Don’t forget you can log all of your workouts through Performance Tracking on the Triib App and you can also check out the Leaderboard.

Warm-up/3 Rounds
10 Pulls on Rower
5 Inch Worms with Push-up
10 Supermans
Push Jerks 6×3 @75%
S2O (Athletes Choice) 1×8 @50%
Tabata 4Min
Plank on Hands
BB Row
Metcon-3 RDS
50 Du’s
15 KBS 53/35
50 Du’s
5 Power Cleans 185/135

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