Monday Oct 27th & HOA6 Recap

We want to extend our congrats to our HOA 6 team for an unbelievable showing at this past weekend’s regional competition in Springfield, MO. They finished 23rd out of 71 teams, and we couldn’t be prouder. These athletes embody everything that CrossFit South City is about. Determination, dedication, focus and a willingness to never quit. If you see these athletes in the gym this week, give them a high five, a hug or a fist bump for their hard work. They deserve it. We’d also like to give a shout out to our members who traveled the 3 hrs to cheer our team on. It means more than you know.
Monday 141027
Warm Up 3×10, 10 Min Cap
Push Ups
Strict Pull Ups
Air Squats
Ring Dips
GHD Sit Ups
Back Squat
Mainsite WOD “Gwen”
Clean & Jerk
Reps must be done consecutively in a “touch & go” manner without letting go of the bar. If the bar is dropped, the athlete must start the round over. 
This workout is not for time, and as much rest as needed may be taken between rep schemes. 

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