Saturday, April 18th


Join us on Zoom this Saturday, April 18th, at 10 am for Wig Out Saturday. Wear your favorite wig or fun hat. We can’t wait to see you all there!
Tabata Warm-up
Jumping Jacks
Incline Push-ups
Supinated Bent Over Row (barbell or db)
Bird Dogs
10-12 DB/ Barbell Front Raise (light)
10-12 DB Tempo Bicep Curls/ Barbel Bicep Curls
:30 Reverse Plank
Rest 1 min between
*For the tempo bicep curls, 1 second on the up 3 second on the descent.
10 Rounds For Time: with partner
10 Push Ups / Straight Arm Plank Hold
30 Air Squats / Wall Sit
50 DUs (100 singles) / Hollow Hold
* P1 performs all movements of a round while P2 does all the holds, then switch positions. So each partner should be doing  5 rounds of the push up, squat, jumping jack and 5 rounds of the hold.

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