Saturday, August 26th

Just a friendly reminder today, August 26th is Bring A Friend Day!
For signing up today, friends will receive the Foundations course and a 1-Month Unlimited Membership for $100. As always, if your friend signs up you will be rewarded with 20% off your next monthly membership. Classes are at 9-10-11am.
If you have any questions comment below or email us at CrossFit is scale-able for all fitness levels.
Group Warm-up
Shuttle Run
Toy Soldiers
Knee Hugs
Bear Crawls
Complex 8x
Squat Clean + Split Jerk +Front Squat+Reverse Lunge
WOD-Teams of 3:
Follow the Leader Style:
6 Burpee Pull-ups
12/10 Calorie Row
100ft Farmers Carry (53/35) Down and back the gym floor
*Follow the leader P1 starts when completes Burpee Pull Up, then P2 can start as P1 moves to Row then P3 can start when P2 is done with Burpee Pull ups. Must wait for partner in front of you to be complete with movement to move on.

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