Saturday August 7th

400m Run
Toe Grab Squats
In Worm w/ Push-Up
Runners Stretch (Alt legs, 5 ea leg)
Banded Dislocates
In teams of 2:
Part A: 10 min Bike or Row for total cals
Men switch every 15 cals or 250m
Women switch every 10 cals or 200m
Rest 2 mins
Part B: 10 min Clock (score is time for this part)
150 Wall Balls (20/14)
*every minute starting at 0:00 4 synchro burpees
*rest the rest of the time if you finish the wall balls
Part C: AFAP (score is time)
25 Wall Walks
250 DU’s/500 Singles
800m Run (together)

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