Saturday, January 30th

Warm-up/5 min AMRAP:
10 Jumping Spider Lunges
10 Banded Strict Press
10 Toe Grab Squats
10 Hollow Rocks
In Teams of 2:
6 Min AMRAP:
10 Synchro Single DB Step Up (50/35)
10 Synchro Single DB Hang Clean and Jerk (50/35) (can be split per side, don’t have to alternate every rep)
Rest 2 mins
6 Min AMRAP:
10 Synchro Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
10 Synchro Toes to Rings
Rest 2 mins
6 Min AMRAP:
Max DU’s and Wall Balls
*Each partner does a movement at the same time, switch back and forth until 6 mins is up. 
*Score is rounds and reps from each of the 6 min AMRAPS and then total reps from the last AMRAP.

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