Saturday January 30th


Great news CrossFit South City members! Our friends at Delta strength have introduced a new knee sleeve and our offering all of you a great discount!

MSRP: $89.99

Retail: $64.99

Sale: $39.99 (member price)
The sleeves come in Small, medium, and large. We have Medium and Smalls at the gym if you need to try a size.

Why do you need knee sleeves?

Protecting your knees during exercise is important to staying active and free of injury, so that you can achieve your workout goals. The Delta Strength 7mm Knee Sleeve Set gives you the support you need to power through your workouts and keep your knees in the best of health during many types of exercise.
Our 7mm neoprene knee sleeve supports can help you before, during and after your workouts by:

– Warming up the joint before exercise to increase flexibility
– Stabilizing and supporting your knees to reduce the risk of injury
– Enhancing blood flow to fight fatigue and improve endurance
– Assisting with recovery by boosting circulation

Click this link to get your knee sleeves!


CrossFit Warm-up
10 Push press 95/65
10 KBS 53/35
10 Box Jumps 24/20
Tabata MB Sit-ups

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