Saturday, May 23rd


Memorial Murph is something we look forward to each and every year. Unfortunately, this year it has been postponed. But it will be something we can look forward to once we get back into the gym.

Join us Monday, for an 11 am Zoom class

35 min AMRAP: Teams of 3
P1: 1 Round of:
9 Alternating DB Hang DB snatches
6 Single Arm DB Thruster (split reps per arm)
3 DB Side Bend (per side)
P2: Max Effort Burpees while P1 completes round of above
P3: Rest
*Rotate through stations for 35 mins
*Score is total burpees for entire team, they can keep track of your own reps and then at the end add them up.
*If only 2 person team, do P1 and P2 stations then rest :30 together before switching places.

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