Saturday, May 2nd

Conditioning Warm-up
Teams of 2: 30 Rounds for Time (you go, I go)
1 Wall Walk
2 Man Makers
3 Devil Presses
*If unable to wall walk, put feet on box or ottoman or bench start in plank and walk yourself into pike position with hands under shoulders and as inverted as possible.
*No DBs for man makers do barbell man maker = 1 Barbell Push up+1 Bent over row + 1 Cluster.
*No DBs for Devil press do Clean and jerk with barbell.
*No equipment- Man maker= 1 Push up + 1 Squat Jump w/ reach up.
Devil Press= Burpee + Inch worm (go down to do burpee but walk hand back to feet instead of jumping and clapping)

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