Saturday, October 10th

Warm-up 3x
20 High Knees
5 Toe Grab Squats
5 Inch Worms
5 Pigeon Pose to T-Frame (each side)
In Teams of 2: In 10 mins Find 4 Rep MAx Front Squat
(each partner, one is lifting at a time- can’t go down in weight) then As Fast As Possible:
100 DU’s/200 Singles (each)
80 Synchro DB Snatches (50/35) (must meet at top for synchro)
60 Synchro Single Arm DB Thruster (50/35) (must meet at the top of each thruster, do not have to be alternating arms, just make sure you do equal reps on each arm).
50 HSPU (split however)
40 Synchro DB Step Up (1 DB each) (50/35) (must meet at top of box)
30 Burpee Box Jumps (each) (1:1) (you do one, your partner does one back and forth until you each have 30
200m x4 Sprint Relay (one partner runs a 200m, then other partner does and switch back and forth until you’ve completed 4 total, so 2 each).
*can partition the DU’s/Singles however you want w/ partner until you both have done 100/200.
*40 min cap from start of clock, go straight into the rest of the WOD after the 10 minutes of lifting, so have everything set up before starting.

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