St. Louis Indoor Rowing Championships

Hello south siders! Each year in February, Washington University holds the St. Louis Indoor Rowing Championships. Every year after the competition, they sell off all of the Concept 2 rowers at a discounted price, which is where we have gotten all of ours from. This competition is normally not open to the public, but this year they are having a CrossFit Affiliate Division open to gyms like ours.
I think this could end up being a simple way to compete, and the entry fees are pretty cheap.
The Affiliate division will be as follows:
Individual 2000 m Row
Individual 500 m Sprint
2000m Team Relay
The competition is located at Wash U on Sunday Feb 8th and starts at 8 am. Individual registration fees are $15. We will have Entry Forms/Waivers at the gym for all those interested.

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