Thursday, June 27th

Do you have a friend or family member who is interested in giving CrossFit a try? Saturday, June 29th is Bring a Friend Day!

For signing up that day, friends will receive our Foundations course plus a 1-Month Unlimited Membership for $100. As always, if your friend signs up, you will receive 20% off of your next monthly membership. Classes are at 9-10-11 am.

This class is free for first-timers coming to CFSC, a $20 drop-in fee will apply otherwise

Toe Grab Squats
Inch Worms w/ Push up
Skill Development
For Total Meters in 20 Minutes: 
1 Partner Row 1 min then rest 1 min/Alternate w/ Partner 2
As Far As You Can Go in 15 minutes:
Min 1: 1 Push Up + 1 DB Power Clean (50/35)
Min 2: 2 Push Ups + 2 DB Power Cleans
Min 3: 3 Push Ups + 3 Power Cleans
8Min Plank
*Everytime you break turn over and do 8 Love Taps.

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