Thursday, October 25th

Saturday, October 27th is Bring a Friend Day!!
For signing up that day, friends will receive the Foundations course and a 1-Month Unlimited Membership for $100. As always, if your friend signs up you will be rewarded with 20% off your next monthly membership. Classes are at 9-10-11 am.
If you have any questions, email us at
We are also celebrating Halloween that day. Dress up in your favorite costume for a chance to win 10% off your next month’s membership; one winner will be chosen from each class!
250M Row
Single arm DB Push Press each arm
Banded Side Step each leg
Bird Dogs
6×3 Push Jerk
Tabata: All 8 Intervals of one movement before moving on to the next movement.
Meters on Rower
*Rest 1 min between tabatas to transition to next movement. Don’t count just move!

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