Tuesday, April 14th

Tabata Warm-up
Jumping Jacks
Push Press
Donkey Kicks
3xs through Superset:
15-20 Single Arm Bent Over Rows DB or barbell
15-20 Push Ups
Rest 1 min between sets
3xs through Superset:
10-15 Upright Rows Db or Barbell
10-15 Dips
Rest 1 min between sets
14 min AMRAP:
8 Straight leg Sit-ups
10 Single Arm KB Clean and Jerk (5 each arm)
12 Single Arm OH Lunges (6 reps per leg/arm)
14 DU’s / 28 Singles
* if no KB, DB or barbell with work.
*if no jump rope, do alternating toe taps onto the KB or DB.
*no equipment HSPU or HRPU for Clean and Jerk, Lunges for OH Lunges.

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