Tuesday, June 16th

Warm-up/4 min AMRAP:
20 Jumping Jacks
8 Banded Pass Throughs
8 Banded Pull Aparts
8 Banded Upright rows
4 Sets of superset:
8 Bent Over Rows
10 Shoulder Press
Rest :60 between sets
4 Sets of superset:
12 Pull Overs
12 Front Raises
Rest :60 between sets
* first part use barbell or DBs, can be different weights
Every 3 Mins for 15 mins:
200m Run
Max Reps Devil Press (40/25)
*score is total devil press
*no equipment- Run for 1:00 (outside, in place)or 1:00 Moutain CLimbers
Push up + 1 Plank Knee to Elbow (left) + 1 Plank Knee to Elbow (right) (Devil Press)

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