Tuesday, May 19th

Tabata Warm-up
Mountain Climbers
Lateral Lunges (alternating)
Diamond Push-ups
Superman hold
3 Rounds of Superset:
10 Single Arm DB Floor Press (each arm)
10 Single Arm Supinated Grip DB Bent-Over Row (each arm)
15 DB Lat Pull Overs
15 DB Skullcrushers
* Rest :30 between movements and 1:00 between Rounds
3 Rounds: 3 Min On/ 2 Min Off
75 DU’s/ 150 Singles
20 V-Ups
Max Reps of X Movement
Round 1: DB Squats
Round 2: DB Thrusters
Round 3: DB Devil Press
*score is total reps of X movements (1 number).
*2 Min Rest after every Round=move for the entire 3 mins as much as possible.
*No equipment- Penguin taps, Jumping Jacks (DU’s) Jump Squat (DB squats), Curtsy Squat (Thruster), Burpees (Devil Press).

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