Wednesday, April 29th

Warm-up 3RDS
20 Mountain Climbers
5 Glue-Hip Bridges
5 Pike Push-ups
5 Hollow Snaps
8×3 Push Jerk
For Time: 50-40-30-20-10
Med Ball Cleans
Over the Moon Walks (one time up and over med ball is one rep)
Dus/Singles x2
* if no MB for either then grab lightest DB or Barbell to do thrusters in place of Med ball cleans and do the over the moon walks onto the DB and Russian twists instead of Over the Moon
Walks if using barbell for Med Ball Cleans
*no equipment- Burpee Squat Jumps + Alternating Plank Shoulder taps (1 shoulder tap = 1 rep)

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