Wednesday July 28th

3xs through:
10 Sumo Squats
10 Thoracic Open Book (5 each side)
10 Downdog w/ alternating toe reach
:10 Hollow Hold
3×5 Hi Hang Squat Snatch (light weight but building for the 3 sets)
7xs through complex:
1 Snatch Pull +1 Full Snatch
* touch and go for the complex, no dropping between movements, should be building weight to something challenging but good looking still
* 20 mins for all of it
For Time:
75 Thrusters + Push Press (75/55)
* Every minute on minute: 4 bar over burpees (start at 0:00)
* 12 min cap
* perform a thruster then a push press = 1 rep, make sure hips are extended from thruster before performing the push

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