Wednesday, March 10th

3xs through:
20 Cross Jacks
5 Pike Push-ups (not on box)
10 Alternating Shoulder Taps
5 Hollow Rocks
7 Sets: 
7 Tempo Push Ups (3:2:1) (3 sec down, 2 sec hold at bottom, 1 sec hold at top)
Max effort Banded Push-ups
Rest 1 min between sets. Then:
7 min AMRAP:
7 Bicep Curls
7 Upright Rows
7 Shoulder Press
*Goal 10-12 rounds.
*Use empty barbell for all 3 movements, should be able to do all 21 reps without putting bar down.
10 Min AMRAP:
20 Anchored Sit Ups
10 Burpee Pull ups (Rings or Bar)/ Burpee Ring Row

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