Wednesday, March 25th

Tabata Warm-up
Lateral Hop-Overs
Shoulder Circles
Hollow Hold
30 min AMRAP: Rest 1 min every 3 mins
32 DU’s/ 64 Singles
24 Ball Slams (20/14)
16 Med Ball Cleans (20/14)
8 Alternating V-Ups
*At Home Workout subs: Du’s/Singles- fake jump rope hops, broomstick hop overs, jumping jacks., 
Ball Slams- 12 Plank Walks Ups
Med Ball Cleans- Db/barbell Squat Cleans (light), no equipment-squat jump in and outs, squat jump in and outs: narrow stance squat then jump out to normal squat stance and jump back in.

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