Wednesday, May 13th

Warm-up 3x
20 Mountain Climbers
5 Incline Push-Ups
5 light DB or 5lb or 10lb plate weight fly’s
5 Bird Dogs
3 Sets of: 8-10 Seated DB Shoulder Press
3 Sets of: 12-15 Standing Upright Rows
3 Sets of: 10 Side-Lying Single Arm Thumb down Rear delt raises (10L/10 R)
3 Sets of: 8-12 Front Raises
*Rest :30 between each set
12Min AMRAP:
50 DU’s / 100 Singles
10 Clean and Jerks (do not need to be squat but must be push jerks)
* If no equipment-penguin jumps, broom hop overs, jumping jacks, (DU’s), Plank Knee to elbow x 2 (Clean and Jerks).

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