Wednesday, May 20th

Warm-up 5Min AMRAP
15 High Knees
10 Clam Shells each side
10 Frog Squats
:20 Hollow Hold
Strength 4x
12-15 Sumo Deadlift (Barbell, DB,KB)
8 Lateral Step Ups (each leg) (Barbell
10 Side Plank With Hip Abduction (ea side)
*Rest 1-2 mins between sets
For Time: *18 min cap
Hang Power Clean (115/75)
Front Squats (115/75)
Push Jerk (115/75)
Run 400m after every set of reps…so 21 HPC, 21 FS, 21 PJ, 400m Run
*No barbell can use DBs or 2 KBs instead.
*No equipment- Mountain Climbers x 2 (HPC), Weighted Squats w/ any object (FS)Decline Push ups (PJ).
*Unable to run outside- 2 mins of high knees, jumping jacks, running in place.

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