Wednesday, November 4th

Warm-up 3x
20 Jumping Jacks
10 Sumo Squat
10 Banded Strict Press
10 Hollow Rocks
Program B:
5×5 Strict Press (start around 60%)
5×5 Front Squat (start around 60%)
For Time: *12 min cap
300 Air Squats
At the 1 Min Mark Start “Death By Push-up”
At Min 1: 2 Push Ups
At Min 2: 4 Push Ups
At Min 3: 6 Push Ups
…up by 2 Push ups every minute until 300 Air Squats are completed.
Push-ups=Chest to ground, elbows locked at the top.
Air Squats=Squat depth is below parallel, hips extended at the top.

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